Creative Design ChartMaker Latest Version Free Download 2024

Creative Design ChartMaker Latest Version Free Download 2024

Easy Fast Charted Designs Perfect for creating design charts for Knitting, Crochet, Beadwork, Patchwork, Cross Stitch and Graph Paper. Beginners as well as experienced designers will find this tool easy to use and a convenient way to create projects. Significantly speeds up design projects, Print professional looking charts. Very intuitive. Features: Three Chart Types; Print various size grid paper; Settable grid size; Standard color palette; Custom colors; Symbols; Custom legends; Use custom legends in any project; Size/position legend; Draw, Copy, Paste, Move, Erase; Group select grid cells; Group fill; Intelligent edit; Draw colors/symbols in same grid cell; Easy printing; Print chart and legend on same or separate sheets; Portrait or landscape charts; Horizontal and vertical brick grids; Customize header; Draw horizontal, vertical, diagonal Lines; Change line widths; Add notes/comments; Show/hide grid lines; Show/ hide legend; View scaling; Complete Help file; Set print/view margins; Margin detector. This version is the first release on CNET

Creative Design ChartMaker Latest Version Keygen

This software application is perfect for creating design charts for Knitting, Crochet, Beadwork, Patchwork, Cross Stitch and Graph Paper. Beginners as well as experienced designers will find this tool easy to use and a convenient way to create projects. Our Chart Maker software will significantly speed up your design projects and will Print professional looking charts. Many users have commented on how intuitive the Creative Design Chart Maker is. But just in case, we have authored Help Documentation to make using this program even easier. The Help file is part of the standard installation. It can be opened from any screen. FEATURES: Three Chart Types (knitting, Brick, Squares) * Print various size grid paper. * Settable grid size * Standard color palette * Create custom colors * Symbols * Create custom legends * Save custom legends for use in any project * Size and position legend * Draw, Copy, Paste, Move, Erase * Group select grid cells * Group fill * Intelligent edit- Click on one cell and automatically change all cells with the same characteristics * Draw colors and symbols in the same grid cell (square) * Easy printing * Print chart and legend on same or separate sheets * Portrait or landscape charts * Horizontal and vertical brick grids * Customize header * Draw horizontal, vertical or diagonal Lines * Change line widths * Add notes and comments * Show or hide grid lines * Show or hide legend * View scaling * Complete Help file * Set print/view margins * Margin detector-Detects if your project margins are not compatible with your printer margins *

Customize every aspect of your chart to share easily understandable information

Instead of throwing a bunch of numbers and statistics in your audience’s face, why not turn it into a chart? This helps you to showcase data at a glance and create a way for your audience to easily understand what your numbers mean. Not everyone can visualize data right off the bat, and using our free chart maker to create a visual aid can be helpful for your audience.

Creative Design ChartMaker Latest Version Free Download 2024

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More Great Features of the Chart Maker

Over a dozen different chart types to help represent your data
Customize each color in your chart to match what it visualizes
Name your X- and Y-axis to let your audience know what they’re looking at
Easy drag-and-drop design tools, made with the non-designer in mind
Choose from our popular free fonts for your chart title and labels
Embed an interactive chart on your website or save as an image file and share

Share your Chart

Our chart maker automatically animates each individual piece of your chart. This allows you to create online charts and embed them on your website or share a link to your chart. You can also download a static chart as an image or PDF to share. Place your chart in a larger infographic or presentation or share it on social media.

What is a Chart?

A chart is a visual representation of data and statistics. When you create a chart in Visme’s free online chart maker, you’re able to input your own data manually or import an Excel or Google spreadsheet. Your chart will automatically update to fit the data you insert. Creating professional charts online is easier than ever with our chart maker. Customize it to match your company’s brand colors and fonts or choose a color scheme that matches your chart topic. Create an area chart, bar chart, line chart and more.

Use the chart maker to visualize your data.

While you can always tell your audience what your data means, what better way to persuade them than by creating a visual aid? Looking at a visual can actually resonate better with your audience than reading numbers. If there’s a large difference in categories, being able to see it in a chart can have an even bigger effect.

More than a Chart Maker

Create charts that stick with your audience and help them to further understand your data. You can use it as a pie chart maker, a line chart maker, a table chart maker, a bar chart maker and more. Use the chart maker however you need to create beautiful custom charts that sell your point.

Choose From 16+ Chart Designs

  • Dozens of chart types, including line, scatter, pie, pyramid, doughnut and radar charts
  • Customize everything, from the fonts and colors to placement of labels and legends
  • Automatically animate your charts and sync to live data from Google Sheets or Excel

Data Widgets

  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop data widgets
  • Visualize populations using arrays
  • Fully customizable with your theme colors and data

Chart Templates

Create custom charts online with our free and easy-to-use chart templates and data widgets. Whether you need a comparison chart maker or a radar chart maker, there is a chart type for you to drag and drop onto your design. Start with one of our premade infographic or presentation templates to showcase your chart.

Social Platform Bar Graph - Infographic Template
Social Platform Bar Graph
U.S. Population by Race Bar Graph - Infographic - Infographic Template
U.S. Population by Race Bar Graph – Infographic
Cyber Security Bar Graph - Infographic - Infographic Template
Cyber Security Bar Graph – Infographic
Royal Wedding Social Impact - Infographic - Infographic Template
Royal Wedding Social Impact – Infographic
Best Selling Books Bar Graph - Infographic - Infographic Template
Best Selling Books Bar Graph – Infographic
World's Safest Countries Bar Graph - Infographic Template

How to use the Chart Maker

  • Gather all of your data in an Excel file, Google Sheet or prepare to manually insert it into Visme’s Graph Engine.
  • Log into Visme to access the chart maker. Start a new project and choose a template based on how you want to showcase your data.
  • Once you’ve chosen a starter template, click the Data tab in the left sidebar to find your chart type. You can choose a table chart, a line chart, a radar chart or any other chart type you need to properly visualize your data.
  • The chart maker already has some data examples to help you create your own. If these don’t help, you can start from scratch.
  • Input your data and decide the way in which the data will be shown. With decimals or percentages, in unitary bars or groups of bars and where the legend will be placed.
  • Customize the fonts in your chart. The Settings tab in the bar graph maker will let you customize the font size and color as well.

Questions about the Chart Maker

  • How much does it cost to create a chart with the chart maker?Creating online charts with Visme is 100% free. Downloading the chart as an image file is also free. If you would like to download your chart design as a PDF, you will have to pay for a Standard Plan.

  • Are all the fonts available inside the chart maker?Yes! You have all of the same font options within the chart maker settings that you do within the regular design dashboard, including your uploaded brand fonts.

  • Can I use my Brand Kit with the chart maker?You sure can. When you have a Brand Kit set up in Visme, it’s available for any project you might need to create, not just charts. To have a Brand Kit you need to upgrade to a Standard Plan.

  • Can I create any type of chart with Visme?Literally any type of chart. We have 2D charts, 3D charts, line charts, radar charts, flowcharts, stacked charts, scatter charts and so much more.


This version is the first release on CNET

How to Register Software With a Registration Code?

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-Enter your name and the .exe Registration Code precisely as they appear on your registration acknowledgement email when the registration reminder window appears.
-Press Register. Enter all additional details exactly as they are listed on your registration confirmation email, including your .exe serial number.

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